Tuesday, 12 April 2011

mood moomomoo

picture below credit to google..the badi of a love to kill .haha..=p

mood..where are you going..
where are my happy mood..
where are my good mood..
where are my lovely mood..
mood rite now: miss and lonely..
aiigoooo....(korea version) =p sigh (english version) =p

my heart is broken..
like a glass, totally broken..
urghh..otekkey..(korean version) what to do (english version) =p
when i see you, i feel my heart racing to fast..huyoo..jiwang siot..(trapped by summer scent)
untill my heart stop beating, i will let you go that time..love the sentences..but, i never said it to the others (man)..and no one telling me that too..aigooo..=0
last but not least..i am really wanna be a good girl to a good boy..;)
still searching for my mr.right
maybe in front of me or behind me or far from me, near?? oh i dont know..maybe no others..means, xda jodoh la kot. omg! just let my ALLAH can decide it..;)
just trust HIM..

notes: dont let your emotional control yourself..
thank you.smile sincerely from your heart.

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