Monday, 2 May 2011

Karaoke Korea song lets not

title: let's not
by: super junior

hye alls..sejak 2, 3 hari ni aku asyik duk layan lagu kat you tube jek..xkisah la lagu melayu ke omputeh ke korea..pastu aku godek2 dgr lagu korea dari kumpulan SUJU ni..then jumpa la lagu kan,siap ada subtitles lgi..bleh mendalami lirik dan karaoke skali..w'pun berbelit mulut nk menyebut..tapi aku suka. :)

lirik ni macam kena dgn aku je kan..layan jela..huhu

Saying that this moment is the last
To you whom i loved so much
Even if you try to turn it back
Even if you hold onto me crying
I was the one who said no and bid our farewell
I always act strong, but
I'm a cowardly man didn't have
The confidence to protect you forever and left
Don't love someone like me again
Don't make someone to miss again
One who looks only you needs,
meet someone who loves you so much
They can't go a day without you, please
You try to hold me back,
But i am a cowardly man who doesn't
Have the confidence to give happiness to anyone beside her
even if we are ever to regret our breakup
I can't do anything but give our farewell
Don't cry in paint counting the time that's passed
Don't miss a foolish love that's already passed
One who looks at only you and needs only you
meet someone who love you so much
they cant go a day without you
Please i hope that you will be happy
Let's never meet again...

Aah..memang kena pun jika man to tukar jd woman..girlgurl sket..gitu2 la..aishh jiwang sokmo aku ni..


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